Diabetes is getting to be an epidemic. Thirty percent of world population are at a risk of developing diabetes at a certain time during their life. Complications of diabetes include but not limited to eyes, causing blindness, to kidney, causing kidney failure and ending up with dialysis, nervous and vascular systems, causing reduced blood flow and possibly ending up with extremities amputation.
The Specialized Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes is starting its pilot model in Beirut-Lebanon with the objective of establishing a comprehensive system for the prevention and treatment of diabetes. Creating community and patient awareness is a prime block in the center’s management protocol. Other centers will be established in different countries of the world with high diabetes prevalence.
To achieve the objectives of the centers, and to meet its financial obligations, revenue stream has been structured to charge diabetes patients a community affordable co-payment, and the balanced to be generated from interested support groups.
Four levels of sponsorship have been considered:
1. Strategic: designed for companies in diabetes prevention, control, and treatment business,
2. Diamond: designed for companies in the healthcare industry,
3. Gold: designed for companies in other business sectors, but interested in supporting, communities in preventing diabetes, as a part of their company’s social responsibility
4. Silver: designed for companies interested in supporting the cause,
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