Our Mission:


To provide comprehensive, coordinated, evidence-based medical care for diabetic patients to result in better treatment outcomes and more productive lifestyles


Our Vision:


To create awareness among the relevant communities, and specifically diabetic and at-risk communities of diabetes, its complications, its management, and control ending up with a disease informed communities thus reducing the risk of developing diabetes, and preventing its complications.

Our Goals:


  • Educate the community
  • Educate the patient
  • Educate the primary care healthcare provider on the disease, disease process, complications, prevention, control, and treatment
  • Establish a management system for diabetic patients with easy access, cost-affordable, scientifically based, and properly coordinated flow of patient medical information among different providers
  • Standardize the care provided to diabetic patients in accordance with international scientific data and clinical guidelines
  • Evaluate patient outcomes by collecting performance measures to improve patient care

Our Strategy:


SCPTD strategy focuses on achieving the following:


Conformity of quality medical care: Medical care is provided by healthcare providers who abide by agreed on standards of medical care.


Continuity of medical care: Diabetes management system, ensures the continuity of medical care.


Comprehensiveness of medical care: Diabetes is treated as a single entity affecting different systems. The package, being preventive or curative, deals with the different aspects and complications of the disease in a systemic, comprehensive approach.


Cost-effectiveness: The health care packages are priced in a way affordable to the community. It is country-specific

Our Services:


  1. A yearly comprehensive diabetes management program providing on a monthly basis the healthcare provider consultation, laboratory tests, and imaging procedures as specified in the program documents.
  2. Monthly Journal and newsletter, updating diabetics on the latest advances in the field.
  3. Patients interaction with physicians, asking questions specific to their medical condition. This is not to be thought of as a “medical consultation”, but as a chat, among two individuals, where if of interest, an appointment could be arranged with the physician, for a medical consult in the clinic.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Naji Alamuddin,
Consultant Internist and Endocrinologist
Senior Project Consultant
Dr. Melhem Cardahi,
Consultant Endocrinologist
Chief Operating Officer-Lebanon
Ms .Nisrine Jazzi,
Chief Administrator-Lebanon
Dr. Ammar Seyrawan,
Nephrologist, Hypertension Specialist
Dr. Wasim Husseiki,
Internal Medicine and Cardiologist
Ms. Rajaa Khatib,
Clinical Dietician and Diabetes Educator
Dr. Mahmoud Jaroudi,
Dr. Abdul Rahman AlKhabbaz,
Dental Surgeon


Hamra- Abdul Aziz Street-
AlMabani Bldg.- 2nd floor
Beirut, Lebanon

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